viernes, 25 de abril de 2014


Children met Warhol some weeks ago. I found a very nice PPT on the net that I adapted according to my learners level.


In big group children listen to me presenting the artist while I asked them some questions that link artist's biography with their lifes:

-Andy Warhol was from USA. Where are you from?

-He had cats. Have you got any pet?

-He loved tomato food. What's your favourite food?

After that children worked in small groups, I displayed the printed PPT all around the class. I gave a black and white sample of the PPT to each small group. Some of the pages had a blank space to fill, so one member of each group had to stand up in order to look for the missing word. 
At the end, children colour the pages and the had their own Andy Warhol biography to add in the Class Library.

Next lesson I went to the supermarket and I brought a bag with some products: a Smack's cereal box, a Chupa Chups bag, A Nesquick pot, a Campbell's soup can, a Sugus bag...
Children guessed which products were in the bag. Then, one of them came out and with a scarf on his and only touching and hearing said what thing he thought it was.
Finally they discovered all the products and each group decided which of all would draw and paint to decorate their Class Supermarket Corner.